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Application - Did I Make It ?

*age* 16
*gender-sexuality* Female/Straight
*location* Illinois
*tattoos or piercings* My ears are pierced
Napoleon Dynamite ( Fixed this! I checked the DVD. ), Save The Last Dance, and Beauty and the Beast
*song* Colt 45 - Afroman .. haha, it's old, but I love it.
*tv show* Hmm..Real World..I like the drama, it catches my attention.
*color* I have three favorite colors but out of all of them, purple.
*number* 2
*actor/actress* Actor-Johnny Depp/Actress-Julia Styles
*bands(3)* Sum 41, Blink 182, and Linkin Park
~*~Your opinion on..~*~
*abortion* Abortion is more of a personal matter, in my opinion.  I don't really think that the government should get involved with it at all.  If a girl chooses to have sex, then she should probably know the risks involved whether she's older or younger.  I also don't think that it's other peoples business on if a girl should or shouldn't abort her baby.  If it's a friend then they shouldn't be like "Oh, don't get an abortion! It's killing a harmless baby!"  They don't know how the girl feels emotionally about it, and she should be able to do what's best for herself, whether it's getitng an abortion or going through with the pregnancy.
*teen sex* If a teenager chooses to have sex, they should know what risks/factors are involved.  Like getting pregnant, getting an STD, etc.  If two teenagers are ready for it and want to do it, I don't really think that people should stop them.  They're old enough to make their own decisions.  (If it's a teenager like the question states)  I do think that before two teenagers do have sex though, they should know that they're ready for it and not question anything. 
*same sex marriage* This is probably annoying, but, if two people are in love, same gender or opposite gender, then they should be able to get married or have a relationship if they want too.  People who like the same gender are no different from people who like opposite genders, and they should have every right to marry someone if they truly care for them.
*ugly people* I don't really mind ugly people.  I mean..they're not the prettiest people in the world, but I think it's the personality that counts.  They could be the nicest person you could ever come across, and if you don't make contact with them because they're ugly, then that's rude.  Not everyone is going to be perfect.
*fat people* Bleh, I hate my honest opinion on this.  I think that obesity is gross, but if you're just chunky or heavy, then I'm fine with it.  ALOT of my friends aren't the thinnest people in the world, but they're SO nice.  Not only that but alot of the heavier people that I know, they're hilarious.  And those who don't mind they're weight, don't care about what others think, and I really do respect that.  But when it comes to obesity, that's kind of a persons own fault because they can go work out and try to lose the weight instead of sitting around eating constantly. 
*drugs/alcohol* I'm not really into the whole drug/alcohol thing so this is hard to explain for me, so here it goes.  I think that people should only take drugs if they really need them.  Because if you get addicted or something, and end up taking too many then you can really hurt yourself.  If my friends started doing that, it would crush me, because I care about them more then anything.  Alcohol - getting drunk every once and a while can be fun, but I'm not for alcoholics.  My boyfriends mother is a drunk, and it hurts me to see how BAD she treats him when she's drunk.  It happens every single night and it's scary because she gets abusive.  I don't see how a person can find it fun to drink and get wasted every single night.  If it gets so bad you can pass out, and who would like living their life not knowing when happens every single night?  I don't know .. this is hard to explain.  Sorry.
*Christina Aguilera* I love Christina. I always have.  I think she has an EXCELLENT voice and I think that she is EXTREMELY pretty.  I also think that she's starting to clean herself up then how she was in her "stripped" cd.  I've always liked her, and I probably always will.  I have respect for her music and talent.
*Britney Spears* I never thought Britney Spears was that good of a singer/dancer/etc.  I think that she does things for attention because her fame is kind of sinking.  No one really cares for her music anymore because she truly sucks.  In her new music, she practically talks in a sexy whisper voice, and it's not even singing.  She used to be good, but she's just not anymore.
*Angelina Jolie* She's a pretty good actress.  I love her accent too.  I don't really watch her movies though, I've only seen Tomb Raider and I didn't really understand it, haha.  So I really don't have much of an opinion on her.
*John Depp* Mm yum!!!! ♥  I love him.  haha, but besides that..I think that he is an outstanding actor.  He's really got some talent, and it's amazing how he can look THAT good for someone in his 40s.  In all of the movies he makes too, he's done an excellent job, minus Secret Window, I didn't like that. 
*Ty Pennington* I'm not sure on him.  I really liked him on Trading Spaces, but I don't think he's that famous anymore now that he quit/got fired, whatever happened to him.  He did some really nice furniture and stuff for the houses on the show, and he's probably the cutest carpenter that I've ever seen.
~*~What comes to mind when I say...~*~
*eyes* mysterious
*Angels* sent from up above ( That Shaggy Song )
*Beautiful* Everyone
*Love* pure/rare
~*~If you had to choose..~*~
*Britney Spears-Christina Aguilera*
Christina Aguilera
*Ty Pennington-Johnny Depp* Johnny Depp
*Angelina Jolie-Amy Lee* Amy Lee
*Rock-Rap* Rock
*Pop-Rock* Rock
*Country-pop* Country
*Movie-TV* A movie on television.  Kidding. ;x Probably TV
*Water-Food* Water
*Radio-Cd* Radio - better variety of music
*Skirt-Pants* Skirt
*Long hair-Short hair* On boys - short hair / On Girls - Long Hair

Provide at least 3 pictures Make one a 100x100 face shot. ((if you dont know how to make it 100x100 just ask))

  ( headshot of the last image) I forgot how to make them 100x100.  I use "paint" so it's confusing.  If you want to do that for me, or explain, then please do.

If someone or someplace promoted you here please tell..  xdrunkwithlust_ 

Promote to 3 communitys and provide the link((We do check)) - posted this one in the community simply_radiant - this one was in a friends comments , sorry , the other community I'm in doesn't allow promoting in it, otherwise I would've done it there, I can always ask later and find out if I can do it there if you really want it to be in three communities.

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