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*gender-sexuality* Female/Sraight

*location* Vermont

*tattoos or piercings*Just my ears are pierced.


*movies(3)*Elephant, Ratz, Matilda

*song*Lala- Ashlee Simpson, It's kind of a catchy song.

*tv show*Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Real World {Just about any reality show on MTV}.

*color*Light Green.


*actor/actress*Actor: Adam Garcia, Actress: Eliza Dushku

*bands(3)*Blink 182, Bowling For Soup, Jesse McCartney (I listen to everything.)

~*~Your opinion on..~*~

*abortion*If someons is going to have sex without any form of protection, they should know there is a chance they could get pregnant. I don't believe that abortion should be used as a form of birth control, but in cases such as rape abortion is alright. I also don't believe that a child should be born if the parent is not considering adoption, and they aren't emotionally or financially ready to have a child. Abortion over all is okay, as long as you are having an abortion for a reason, and as I said- not using it as birth control. A child should not be brought into this world, if it's going to have a hard life, and suffer because someone is ready to be a parent.

*teen sex* A lot of teens are having sex now. But, that doesn't make it alright. I personally don't believe that teens should be having sex. A lot of teens have sex, without protection and end up getting pregnant. Most of the time, they aren't ready for a child. Also, a lot of teens don't use common sense while having sex. They don't think about STDs, Pregnancy, etc. Although, if a teen is fully prepared and not too, too young- you'd have to debate with me.

*same sex marriage* I believe I'm a pretty open-minded person. Love is love. No matter what race, sex, religion you love- you love them. I know someday I am going to want ot marry a man that I love. I don't think other people should be deprived the right to marry someone that they love, because the person is the same sex as them. It's just not fair.

*ugly people* Not everybody has good genes. Not everybody is beautiful. I know a lot of people that aren't gorgeous, and they're my very good friends. They're great people, and they have awesome personalities. It's not fair to not give somebody a chance because of the way they look.

*fat people*It's the same as ugly people. I know people who are "fat" and are great people. You have to give everyone a chance. I don't like giving fat people sympathy though, unless it's a medical problem. Simply because, it's MOST people's fault that they're overweight.

*drugs/alcohol*Drugs nor alcohol are my thing. Drugs can really mess you up, and I'm not fond of them. If somebody wants to mess up their own life, I guess that that is their choice. The only thing is, people should really think about the others that they're hurting with their drug use. It's the same with drinking alcohol. If somebody of age wants to have a few beers, then whatever. They should just make sure someone responsible is around. They should also be responsible enough not to get drunk and try to drive home. I'm terrified of drunk drivers, and again- think of the others that you're going to hurt besides yourself.

*Christina Aguilera* She's gorgeous. She just goes out there, and doesn't care what a soul thinks. And she has a great voice to go with it.

*Britney Spears* Britney has an awesome voice. She's changed a lot over the years, and people have a lot of opinions on her. I think she's really pretty, and again- she doesn't care what other people think of her. I do think she needs to stop complaining about rumors though. Most of them she stirs up herself. <3

*Angelina Jolie* I don't really know much about her. She's a little bit on the odd side, but I've heard that her movies are really great, and that she's a wonderful actress. I actually don't believe I've seen any of her movies. D:

*John Depp* Again, I don't think I've seen his movies either. I've heard that Pirates of the Carribean is really good. A lot of people also find him attractive. Personally, I don't, but I must say, he has great feautures for being in his fourties.

*Ty Pennington* He's hot. I love Trading Spaces, and I'm sad that he isn't on there anymore. He's hilarious, and he always made the show so much fun to watch. He seems like an awesome guy!

~*~What comes to mind when I say...~*~

*eyes* Evil

*Angels* Heaven

*Beautiful* Soul (Eheh. I'm a bit obsessed with Jesse McCartney. ;]}

*Love* Lust

~*~If you had to choose..~*~

*Britney Spears-Christina Aguilera*
Britney Spears
*Ty Pennington-Johnny Depp* Ty Pennington

</b>*Angelina Jolie-Amy Lee*</b> Amy Lee

*Rock-Rap*That's HARD. I'll say RAP.

*Pop-Rock* Pop

*Country-pop*Uhh. Pop.

*Movie-TV* TV

*Water-Food* Food

*Radio-Cd* Radio

*Skirt-Pants* Pants {Jeans to be specific.}

*Long hair-Short hair* Long hair on girls, Short or a TINY bit shaggy on guys.

Provide at least 3 pictures
Make one a 100x100 face shot. ((if you dont know how to make it 100x100 just ask))

I'm being a dork in that one.
My hair looks red in that one. o_o It's brown, though.
100x100 faceshot.

Ehh, sorry some of them are so small. They're the only ones I really have on this computer.

If someone or someplace promoted you here please tell..

My friend, Michelle promoted me. (p0msxbabii)

Promote to 3 communitys and provide the link((We do check))
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